Merc Gorman Di Wulfe

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Through the plumes of smoke a dark shadow emerges.  Keeping to the shadows it is hard for the Widowmakers to draw a clear shot, they struggle just to keep him in view.  Running through the smoke he lobs a grenade at a Kodiak, striking it high on it's right shoulder.  With a shattering of glass the contents splash out and quickly eat through the hardened metal.  Before they can fire a shot the mysterious man is gone, hidden again by smoke.

Another one of the Mercenary releases from Escalation, Gorman Di Wulfe is a solo that can play havoc on the battlefield.  With stealth, invisibility, bushwhack and a bunch of different grenades Gorman is perfect for preparing the final assault or the initial engagement.  Use his smoke grenades to provide cover for himself or other members of your army and then use any of his other grenades to weaken or damage the enemy, before finishing them off with the rest of your force.  Gorman Di Wulfe will work for any faction.

Product Code: PIP-41014


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