Cygnar Stormguard Blister

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With a constant hum of his Nexus Generator, the Sergeant of the Stormguard unit orders his men to the gates. "Hold the gates men! The city must not fall!" Their massive voltaic halberds at the ready the Stormguard position themselves to receive the charge. As the charge in their weapons builds small sparks of electrical energy begin to discharge.



From the upcoming Superiority expansion, the Stormguard have already been shown in No Quarter #3. An unusual unit of troops, the Stormguard are designed to complement each other. Fielded in units of between six and ten men, the Stormguard's weapon of choice is the Voltaic halberd. Reach, a combined melee attack, set defense and a special attack that strikes nearby models means that the Stormguard are excellent in clearing large groups of troops. Each successful attack from a Voltaic halberd also charges up the Nexus Generator, the weapon held by the unit's leader. After all the troopers have had an attack the Nexus Generator unleashes a burst of energy as a ranged attack with an AOE, to help polish off any survivors. Add these two Stormguards to your unit and increase your opponent's shock.

Product Code: PIP-31038


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