Menoth Grand Exemplar Kreoss

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The crusade must continue.  Many have bled, many have died under my command.  Their sacrifices shall not be in vain.  All Menites are my brothers in battle, every death spurs me on.  I am Menoth's shield.  I am Menoth's spear of vengence.

Epic warcasters first appeared in the Apotheosis expansion, and their true impact can only be seen in battles of 750pts and above.  The epic version of Kreoss adds a few new abilities and changes his focus slightly from the regular version.  New spells give him more ability to protect and enhance troops, and some new abilities really puts the focus on the Knights Exemplar.  A new weapon, more powerful than the last, can smash through heavy armour easily and Kreoss can now fell warjacks with a single blow!

Product Code: PIP-32034


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