Mercenaries Gilles de Rais

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Then our people came, and Kohut was raided. What a happy surprise for me, I had so missed killing Christians! When the Christian bullets left me without a lord, I became my own master, like our old friend La Hire did in his time. Now, I take my troops where I please, fight whoever I like. I am now slave only to my own desires, and I am having tremendous fun. Maybe one day I will build a fief of my own down here. However, I must admit that there is one emotion that has been spoiling things lately. It is nostalgia, Joan, a wound that never heals! There is a man of the cloth among my prisoners. I will have him roasted on the spit later on, and serve his crispy flesh to my guests. As we converse over the food, I will be wondering where your poor, crazy soul is wandering. You, the stubborn servant that God left to burn in the flames. I have not abandoned hope of bumping into you along my way, Joan. You may have been a little young, but you weren’t stupid, you knew how to lead your troops,and you were pretty. When I let my mind wander, Joan, I dream that we ride together once again.

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