Ariadna 3rd Highlander Rifles with AP HMG

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“Third! There’s no possible way out of here! We have to stand our ground! Don’t charge! Hold your positions! I said, Hold your positions! Sergeant, take down the names of those men!” Col. Walter Stuart, “The Defence of the Valley of Tears” (Second Antipode Offensive)

NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT. (Nobody provokes me with impunity)

Regimental motto of the 3rd Highlanders.

The 3rd Highlanders Grey Rifles is a Scottish Regiment of riflemen that can trace its history back as far as Waterloo. Many say that it’s members have changed little since those days…Specialists in assault operations and close quarters combat, the boys of the 3rd have acquired the disagreeable habit of grunting when, in the heat of battle, they are ordered to maintain their positions rather than advance on the enemy. Proud of their reputation as shock troops, the Highlanders can be brutal “to the marrow”, distinguished by their characteristic obduracy and stamina. Each and every member has sworn the same oath: Death to the Enemy! And that’s not an oath they take lightly, because the Greys are the class of men that can go through Hell itself to see a mission accomplished. Their steely gaze, as grey as their armour, has been forged in the fury and white heat of battle and tempered by experience. This grey could be the last thing you ever see…

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